Writing and Sending a Fax Message

The following describes how to write and send a fax to a single contact or lead. If you need to send a fax to more than one contact or lead, use Mail Merge.

If the Write menu is unavailable, you must download Infor CRM Office Integration. You can install Infor CRM Office Integration from the Web Client login screen

To write and send a fax message

  1. On the Write menu, point to Fax using Template, and then select a template from the list of recently used templates, or click More Templates to select another template. If prompted to add the template to the most recently used templates list, click Yes to add the template to the list, otherwise click No.

    If a compatible fax service has not been set up on the machine, the More Templates option is disabled.

  2. Your next step depends on your focus within the Infor CRM Web Client.

    • If your focus is on a particular contact or lead, the merge will continue.
    • If you do not have focus on a particular contact or lead, use the Select Contact or Select Lead dialog box to select a contact or lead.
    • If your focus is on or an opportunity, the Select Contact dialog box will prompt you to select a contact.
    • If your focus is on a ticket the document will merge with the associated contact.

  3. The Select Type of Address dialog box displays if the contact has more than one address and the template contains any merge fields from the address table.
  4. If necessary, in the Fax Editor dialog box, make any edits to the template.
  5. Close the Fax Editor.
  6. In the Fax Options dialog box, type a subject in the Subject box.
  7. In the Cover Page list, do one of the following:
    • Keep the default cover page that appears.
    • Click the arrow, and then click a different cover page.
    • Click the arrow, and then click No Cover Page.
  8. If you want to include a message on the cover page, do one of the following:
    • For a short message, type the message in the Message box.
    • For a long message, click Message. In the Edit Message dialog box, type your message, and then click OK.
  9. (Optional) To change the default delivery schedule for the fax, click Delivery Options. After setting the delivery options, click OK.
  10. Click Send.
  11. Use the Complete an Activity dialog box to edit the history information, type notes, or schedule a follow-up activity, and then click Complete.

  12. If you scheduled a follow-up activity, complete the Schedule an Activity dialog box, and then click SaveClosed.

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