Using Infor CRM as System of Record

Infor CRM Back Office Extension only. Enabling Infor CRM as the system of record modifies functionality in the Infor CRM Web Client:

  • For Opportunities, Infor CRM can now push updated information back to the ERP system. Prior to enabling System of Record, Infor CRM can only receive information from the ERP system.
  • The Promote task available on the Opportunity, Quote and Sales Order Detail views has been modified to accommodate promotion based on which application is set as the system of record (ERP or Infor CRM).
  • Lookups filter products differently:
    • Product Lookups accessed from Opportunity Product, Sales Order Product, and Quote Product now include the ERP Logical ID as one of the search criteria.
    • Products can now be searched for by product name. Results are no longer filtered and restricted to the Back Office associated to the Opportunity, Sales Order or Quote.
    • The search results dialog box includes the ERP Logical ID column.


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