Understanding the Infor CRM Web Client Workspace

The workspace is the area where various views appear in the main Infor CRM Web Client.

Element Description
Title Bar

The title identifies the active view. When you are in a detail view, the title bar displays the name of the current record.

Navigation Bar

Located on the left side of the Infor CRM Web Client workspace, the Navigation Bar contains buttons that open the main Infor CRM Web Client views.

The Navigation bar can be docked or hidden. If you cannot see the Navigation Bar, click the icon in upper left corner of your workspace.

To dock the Navigation bar, so that it always appears, click the icon. To hide the Navigation Bar, click the icon.

Your administrator can group the buttons into Navigation Group subsets that focus on specific elements of your business, such as Sales or Support. For example, the Support group contains Contacts, Tickets, Defects, Activities, Calendar, and Reports.

Menu Bar The menu bar contains the Infor CRM Web Client commands. These include Recently Viewed, New, Schedule, Tools, Write, Past Due , Alerts , Job Notification , SpeedSearch, and the Help button. Click a menu to expand it.
Lookup The Lookup button, located to the left of the group tabs in most list and detail views, allows you search from records using one or more search conditions.
Speed Search SpeedSearch helps you find information stored in the Infor CRM database. For example, you can search through existing tickets or procedures to help solve a customer's problem, or search for a specific document, like a sales presentation.
Tabs Tabs organize information on many of the list views, detail views and dialog boxes.
Pick Lists A pick list is a set of values you can select from when entering data. Pick lists are useful because they encourage consistent data entry. Your access rights determine if you can add, edit, or delete pick list items. To open a pick list, click the drop-down arrow in the box.
Task Pane The Task Pane displays to the right of the main window pane. The Task Pane consists of filters, common tasks and other features designed to help you complete your work. The available options depend on the record type and type of view where you are working. 
Status Bar

The status bar displays the user, date, time zone and Log Off button

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