Importing Leads from a List

Use the Import Leads view to import lists of leads into Infor CRM. You may only import leads from a comma-separated-values (CSV) list. Valid file types include Microsoft Excel, .txt files, and other database file types, but files must be saved as a CSV file.

The text files must be either ANSI or ASCII delimited text files.

To import leads

  1. From the Tools menu, click Import Leads.
  2. Complete the Select a File information and click Next.
  3. Complete the Define Delimiter information and click Next.
  4. Complete the Map Fields information and click Next.
  1. Complete the Manage Duplicates information and click Next.
  2. Complete the Select Import Actions information and click Next.
  3. Review the import selections and click Submit.
  4. Monitor the Import Process Request.
  5. When the import is finished, click the Import Number link to see the import history results in the Import History view.

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