What Are Opportunities?

Your potential sales to accounts and contacts are called opportunities. Opportunities allow you to collect and report on a variety of information relating to an opportunity, such as probability of closing a sale, estimated close dates, and more. You can track any combination of the following opportunity-related information.

You can create opportunities for any public account you can access. An opportunity can only include one account, but it may contain several associated contacts. Your access rights to accounts determine your access to opportunities related to those accounts.

You can use the Opportunity Detail view to work with and record in-depth information about a single opportunity, or the Opportunity List view to work with opportunities in a spreadsheet-type format.

Here are some of the features to help you manage your opportunities:

  • Create groups to work with a subset of opportunities. You can create groups based on specific sets of conditions, or by individually choosing opportunities. Use the Opportunity List view for creating groups.
  • Allocate products associated with an opportunity. For example, you can record the product quantities a customer is interested in and the potential revenue.
  • Include key contacts involvement and influence over the opportunity.
  • Keep track of competitors involved with the opportunities to help you plan your strategy.
  • Track probability of close, estimated and actual close dates, and potential revenue.

How Do I?

Add a New Opportunity

Edit an Opportunity

Delete an Opportunity

Closing an Opportunity

Your security access determines what functions are available. Contact your administrator for any access rights changes. WebViewer users may not access full functionality.



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