Viewing Invalid or Failed Merge Information

Infor CRM Mail Merge provides two forms of information when invalid or failed merges occur:

  • An ad hoc group is created and named "MM Issues - MM-DD-YY".Closed
    • The Mail Merge Issues group can be viewed immediately following the merge to allow you to see which records failed during the merge.
    • As the mail merge progresses, you receive a message stating that an approximate number of merges will fail; you are given the option to continue or cancel the merge. If you choose to continue, at the completion of the merge, an Error message appears asking if the user would like to view the Mail Merge Issue group. If you click Yes, Infor CRM changes focus to the Contact or Lead list view and the Mail Merge Issues group.
    • The Mail Merge Issues group contains the name, account name or company, state, work phone, and type.

    This group is automatically marked as a Favorite. Favorites display as tabs in alphabetical order up to the limit allowed by your administrator. Use the Groups list to manage your Favorites.
  • A text file (log) is generated and named "Mail Merge - Userid - MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:SS".Closed
    • The Infor CRM Mail Merge Log is stored in the Attachments path and can be opened in Notepad. It contains the mail merge Job ID, Date and Time, User name, Template used, and it details unsuccessful actions.

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