Configuration Group tab

Infor CPQ only. Use the Configuration Group tab to view and manage groups of that are available for you.

How Do I?

Add a configuration group

The view contains the following columns:

  • Edit - Click this link to open the Config Groups dialog where you can edit settings for the selected group.
  • Application Name - The application name registered in the Product Configuration Manager Enterprise Manager. It is a combination of the configuration model and the output database. For example: InforCRM_DB.
  • Config Group Name - Type the intuitive name of your choice.
  • Description - A description of the group.
  • Instance Name - The instance ID that identifies your database instance. For example, InforCRM_DB. A single server can host several instances of PCM Configurator.
  • Name Space - The namespace of the product configurator model as defined in PCM Design Studio.
  • Ruleset Name - This is the name of the Product Configuration Model as defined in PCM Design Studio. For example, if the product being designed is a bicycle, the Ruleset name assigned might be “Bike”.
  • Service URL - The URL for the Integration Web Service.
  • System Default - The default configuration group to use for new configured products if more than one group is defined.
  • API Key - The key used to identify the tenant connection to the API. This key can be acquired by the tenant administrator through the PCM Home page. Keep this key private.



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