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Use the Other Calendars tab on the User Detail view to set permission rights for a user to view and modify other user’s calendars. By default, users do not have access to any other user’s calendars. When a user's calendar is added to another user's profile, view access rights are automatically enabled.

Consider the following rules when determining calendar access:

  • A user appears in his/her own calendar list. DO NOT remove a user from his/her own calendar. Removing the user removes access to his/her own calendar.
  • If a user does not appear in the calendar list, the user whose profile you are editing has no access to that user’s calendar.
  • If a user appears in the list, the user whose profile you are editing has view access to that user's calendar (when Add, Edit, Delete, and Sync are not selected, the user has read-only access).
  • If a user schedules an activity, and another user with access to their calendar modifies it, the person who scheduled the activity is automatically notified of the change.

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