Configuring Outlook Sync Integration

Complete the following tasks to configure the Outlook Sync integration.

  1. Run the SLXConversionUtility.exe.
    This needs to be done only once to support all integrations.
  2. Configure Infor CRM SData synchronization.
    This needs to be done only once to support all integrations..
  3. On the Integrations List view, select OutlookSync.
  4. Select the Enabled check box.
  5. Click SaveClosed
  6. Grant the appropriate access:

    1. Configure the Integration role for each user to whom you want to grant administrative access to non-accounting integrations.
    2. To give individual users access to non-administrative integration tasks, add the following secured actions to the Standard User role:
      • Integration/View
      • Entities/SyncHistory/View
      • Entities/SyncJob/View



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