Qualifying a Lead

A lead may contain unqualified information. You can use lead qualification criteria to validate information and determine if the lead is a sales opportunity. Once qualified, you can convert a lead to a contact and account and create a new sales opportunity.

If your Qualification criteria was customized by your administrator, the items you see in your workspace may be different.

To qualify a lead

  1. Open the Lead Detail view for the lead you want to qualify.
  2. In the Qualification box, click the drop-down arrow, and then select the qualification category from the list .
  3. Click Is Lead already a customer? to determine if the lead already exists in Infor CRM as a contact or account.
    1. Use the Lead dialog box to look for and merge duplicate records.
    2. If no matches are found, click Cancel and continue to the next step.
  4. For each of the qualification criteria, select the box if the criteria has been satisfied, and then type any notes in the text box.
  5. Once the lead is qualified and ready to convert to a contact and account, click the Convert Qualified Lead button.
    The Convert Lead dialog box opens.

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