Using Calculated Fields

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A calculated field is dynamic and consists of two or more fields from the database. The fields used to create a calculated field can come from one table or from several joined tables. The values that appear for a calculated field are updated after changes are made to the fields comprising it. A calculated field can perform mathematical operations or concatenate strings, depending on the type of calculation.

Infor CRM includes a set of predefined calculated fields and you can create new calculated fields.


  • Numeric calculation: Opportunity.Salespotential * Opportunity.Closeprobability / 100. The resulting weighted sales figure would be 100, if Sales potential is 200 and Close Probability is 50%. (The Close Probability field reflects a whole number, not a percentage; therefore, Close Probability would have to be divided by 100.)
  • String calculation: Contact.Lastname, Contact.Firstname. A contact named Pat Smith would result in the calculated field value of Smith, Pat.

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