Creating a Team

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

A team can consist of users, teams, and departments. When creating a team, you must select one person as the team owner.

When determining a user’s ability to create and maintain teams, consider the following rules.

A user can never

  • Add himself or herself to an existing team.
  • Remove himself or herself from a team.
  • Remove the system administrator from a team.
  • Delete a team.

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When a user is added to a team, his/her security on that team defaults to the profile set on the Security tab. The security profile can be changed on each team of which the user is a member. Changing a user’s security profile on one team does not affect the user’s default profile, or the profile in any other team in which the user is a member.

If a user has more than one security profile (for example, the user is added to a team as a nested team or department and is also a direct member of the parent team), the security profiles share the same seccode (owner). When determining security access for a field, multiple profiles may be returned. In the Web Client, access is determined by combining the maximum access of all profiles assigned to that user and owner.

To create

  1. On the Administration menu, click New Team.
  2. In the Name box, type a name for the team.
  3. In the Owner box, select a team owner. Teams may have multiple team owners.
  4. In the Default Security Profile box, select a default profile for the team. This profile is applied when the team is added to another team.
  5. Select the Automatically add user's manager to team check box if you want to add the user's manager to the team when you add a new team member.
  6. Click SaveClosed.
  7. Add team members.
  8. If necessary, modify the security rights of each team member.
  9. Click SaveClosed.

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