Using the Calendar

Use the Calendar to manage your time and keep track of scheduled activities and events. The Infor CRM Calendar displays both open and completed activities and events, depending on your calendar options. You can view your schedule by the day, week, or month view. Use the calendar right-click menu to schedule, edit, complete, or delete activities and events.

Your calendar security determines whose activities you can schedule, view, edit, complete or delete.

Events appear at the top of each day they are scheduled and span from the start date to the end date. Unconfirmed activities appear on the calendar with diagonal white lines in the activity heading. Use the Timeless Activities section to view activities scheduled to start during the selected time period but do not have a specific start time.

Depending on your access rights, you can view the calendars and activities of other Infor CRM users. Each user has an assigned color to help identify which activities are for each user.

Your security access determines what functions are available. Contact your administrator for any access rights changes. WebViewer users may not access full functionality.

The following icons provide information about the activity:

Icon Description
Phone Call
Personal Activity
The activity has an attachment.
The activity is a single occurrence of a recurring activity.
The activity has an alarm.

Some icons may not appear in week and month views due to limited space.

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