Viewing Contacts or Accounts that are Nearby

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You can search for contacts or accounts near a selected contact or account. For example, you have a sales meeting with a new contact and account in Chicago. While you are there you may want to schedule sales meetings with other contacts or Accounts.

You must allow pop-ups before you can view a Contour map.

To search nearby a contact or

  1. Open the Account or Contact detail view for the record you want to search near.
  2. In the Task Pane, under Common Tasks, click Accounts Nearby or Contacts Nearby.
    The Contour Search view opens with the contact or account in the Starting from box and in the list below.
  3. Use the Contour Search view to further define the search by changing the Distance, number of Results, Type or Status, and then click Search.
  4. Once your list is defined, click Display Map to open a map with the listed contacts or accounts or click Create Group to create a group based on the defined search criteria.



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