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The Job Manager provides a user interface for creating and managing the jobs sent to the Infor CRM Job Server. Job Server is an engine for processing single and\or recurring tasks for immediate or delayed execution. The Job Server is a shared service that can be consumed by any Infor CRM client, including Web, Windows, and Mobile. There are 9 threads to the Job Server, enabling multiple jobs to run at one time.

Users with Administrative permissions can access the Job Manager interface, however all users send jobs to be processed by the Job Server when they perform any of the following pre-defined job types:

  • Run or schedule reports
  • Export files to Excel
  • Roll over incomplete activities
  • Update remaining days of contracts
  • Update opportunities
  • Update or delete leads using the task pane.
  • Update contact, account, and user addresses with geocode information


Administrators will use the Job Manager for the following key functions:

  • Click the Executions: tab to see the status of jobs in progress and/or to cancel a job in progress.
  • Click the Definitions tab to see a list of pre-defined job types. Select a job and right-click to open the Job Manager wizard where you can modify or add a new schedule for the job.
  • Click the Schedule tab to see a list of jobs that have been set to run on a schedule. Select an existing job and right-click to open the Job Manager wizard where you can modify the job schedule. You can also choose to delete an existing job.


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