Using the Write Menu

You can use the Infor CRM Write menu to perform a mail merge or to send an e-mail. You can communicate with a single contact or lead or with a group of contacts or leads.

If the Write menu is unavailable, you must download Infor CRM Office Integration. You can install Infor CRM Office Integration from the Web Client login screen

Use the Write menu to:

The Write E-mail/Letter/Fax Using Template menu options contain the most recently used templates. The number of items to display is set by you or your system administrator when configuring your Infor CRM options.

If a list of templates is dimmed, you may not have access to the menu item. Contact your system administrator if you require access.

Merge Considerations

  • Microsoft Word is already open: If you have another instance of Word already open, you will be prompted to close Word before the merge can continue.
  • HTML E-mail output: Mail Merge uses Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML formatting for e-mail messages. Messages should be sent as a multi-part MIME message for recipients who cannot read HTML messages. Also, Word does not display Header and Footer information or graphics in an HTML page, but it does store the data.
  • Merging to a Table of Contents: Merging to a template that contains a Table of Contents is not supported. It is recommended that the Table of Contents be created after the merge is complete. Use the Edit Mail Merge Output Prior to Sending feature, and then insert the Table of Contents.
  • Placing Merge Fields in Text Boxes: You cannot place Infor CRM merge fields in a text box. The merge will not process correctly.



What's New in this Release


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