Working with Dashboards

Dashboards display as tabs on the Welcome page and contain customizable, pre-defined analytics in the form of charting and list widgets. The Welcome page can contain multiple dashboard instances and each dashboard can contain multiple widgets.

There are two out-of-the-box dashboard tabs: My Dashboard and Sales. Each tab has several out-of-the-box widgets. You can add and edit widgets to display different data or display the same data in different ways.

Use the context menu on a dashboard tab to add a new tab, copy, hide/show and delete tabs, or share tabs with your team or department. Use drag-and-drop to rearrange the widgets on the tab. Widgets automatically size to fit the data and chart type, as well as the column size.

You can also send all the data for a group from a list view to a group list widget on the dashboard with the Promote to Dashboard link.

If you are not the owner of the dashboard, you must make a copy to share or make changes to it.

How Do I?

Add Content

Promote a group to the Dashboard

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