A New Employee Needs Access to Infor CRM

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

When someone requires access to Infor CRM, use this checklist to ensure you complete all steps to add the new user. (You may find it helpful to print a copy of this checklist as well as some of the linked topics containing additional information.)

  • Look at the Windows’ folder sharing permissions for the Sync Logs, Library, and Documents folders to ensure the new user has access to these folders.
  • Determine what type of user you need to add.
  • Ensure there is a license available for this type of user.
  • Decide how you will configure the user's profile:
  • Do you plan to add several users with identical profiles? If so, determine if you should use a user template.
  • Does an existing user's profile contain the settings you want to apply to the new user? If so, note the existing user's name so that you can select the correct profile to copy from when adding the new user. If some settings should not be copied, note which tabs to exclude when you copy the profile.
  • Will this user require a distinct profile with settings that differ substantially from user templates or existing users? If so, plan to manually modify each tab in the User Detail view to configure the settings.
  • Add the user.
  • If necessary, modify the user’s profile. When you are done, verify the Login Enabled box is selected in the User Detail view.
  • If your organization uses teams for account ownership (recommended), add the user to the appropriate team(s). Since the teams a user belongs to determine which accounts he or she can access, ensure you understand how teams work in Infor CRM.
  • If your company is using Outlook sync to synchronize contact and calendar information between Infor CRM and Outlook, configure the Outlook Sync integration.




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