Managing Items in a Pick List

You can edit a pick list by adding a new item, editing an existing item, or deleting an item from the pick list.

If you add a custom item to the Opportunity Status pick list and a user sets the opportunity status to that item, the Opportunity Detail view Snapshot behaves as if the opportunity status is set to "Open".

To manage

  1. Open the Pick List Detail view.
  2. On the Items tab, do one of the following:
  • Click AddClosed to add a new item.
  • Click the Edit link for the item you want to change.
  • Click the Delete link for the item you want to remove.

If you use other software applications that share database information with Infor CRM, you must delete the same pick list items in both applications.

  1. In the Add/Edit Item dialog box:
  • In the Text box, type the text you want to appear in the pick list.
  • (Optional) In the Code box, type a code for the item.

If you use other software applications that share database information with Infor CRM, you must use the same pick list codes in both applications.

  • In the Order box, specify the order the item should appear in the list. Tell me more...Closed
  • In the Filter box, type the value of the filtering pick list that must be selected in order for the pick list item to be available in the list.
    For example, if you .want the pick list item to appear when the account status is equal to Purge, then type Purge.

    • In order to filter correctly, this value must match a corresponding item in the filtering pick list
    • A pick list may be used for more than one field. The pick list will only be filtered by this value when the field using this pick list has a Pick List filter data binding defined. See the Application Architect Help topic "Filtering a Pick List" for detailed steps.
  • Select the Is default item check box to set the item as the default list item.
  • Click Save and New to continue adding items, or click OK when you are finished.
  1. Click SaveClosed.

    After updating items in a pick list, you may need to instruct users to go into their options and refresh pick list data in order for them to see the latest changes.

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