Changing a User's Profile

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

Users cannot be converted to a user template and user templates cannot be converted to other user types.

To change

  1. Open the User Detail view for the user you want to edit.
  2. Change the user’s profile as necessary.

Complete these tabs for all users:

  • Use the information boxes to change the user’s name, e-mail, title, department, manager, and password. The User Name is what the user will type to log on to Infor CRM and it should not contain spaces or an apostrophe.
  • Use the Employee tab to set company information, work phone and fax numbers, and the user's personal information.
  • Use the Team Membership tab to add the user to system teams.
  • Use the User Team Members tab to give other users access to this user's accounts.
  • Use the User Team Membership tab to give this user access to accounts owned by other users.
  • Use the Other Calendars tab to set access to other user’s calendars.
  • Use the User's Calendar tab to give other users access to this user's calendar.
  • Use the Security tab to set a field level security profile.
  • Use the Department Membership tab add the user to departments.
  • Use the Client System tab to set a default account owner and default templates.

Complete this tab for Customer Service and/or Support users:

  • Use the Service/Support tab to set options related to customer service features, support features, and SpeedSearch.

Complete these tabs if necessary:

  • Use the Notes tab to store any additional user-specific information. (This is optional information generally found in the user’s personnel file.)
  1. Click SaveClosed .




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