Using Infor CPQ

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a visual, rules-based configurator software that integrates with Infor CRM to accelerate product configuration, pricing, and quoting.

If your implementation includes CPQ integration, you can access and use CPQ for configured products when they are associated with an opportunity, quote, and sales order. If a product has been configured for CPQ, you can click the link in the Status column to open the CPQ graphical configurator and walk through the configuration process for the product.

Upon completion of the CPQ configuration process for the selected configurable product, you will be returned to the Infor CRM Opportunity, Quote or Sales Order detail view and the price of the configured product will be automatically updated in the Products tab. The opportunity, quote or sales order product detail includes a new Sub Lines tab containing summary information on the actual configuration selections for the product.



What's New in this Release


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