Job Notifications

If a job notification alert appears in the menu bar , the results of a job are ready for you to review. Click the drop-down arrow to display notification details and to access the result of your job. The number next to the icon shows how many jobs are available for you to view.

The Job Notifications box lists the job type, progress, and status. A link in the Result column enables you to open the item generated by the job. Jobs open in the native application for the file type generated.

Any of the following pre-defined job types will appear in Job Notifications :

  • Run reports from either the Report List view or from the Contact, Account, Opportunity, Ticket, Defect or Sales Orders Detail views.
  • Scheduled reports
  • Export
  • Roll over incomplete activities
  • Update remaining days of contracts
  • Update opportunities
  • Update or delete leads using the task pane
  • Record import (not lead import)

Jobs stay in the Job Notifications dialog box for about one hour. After that time, you can locate reports generated by the job in the Reports History tab and import information in the Import History list view.

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