A User Leaves or No Longer Requires Infor CRM

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

When a user leaves your company, it is best to convert his or her user profile to a retired user rather than delete it. Retired users do not use a license and cannot log on, but their name is preserved in the database. This prevents history records from displaying “Unknown User.” Use the following checklist when a user leaves.

  • If accounts are owned by individuals in your organization and the user who is leaving owns accounts, you must reassign the accounts. Use Territory Realignment in the Administrator to reassign the user's accounts to another user.
  • Open the User Detail view.
  • For the user who is leaving, use the Team Membership tab to determine if the user is a Team Owner on any teams. If the user is a Team Owner, change the user's security profile to something other than Team Owner Profile.
  • If the User is a Manager box is selected, clear it. (You cannot retire a user if he or she is a manager.)
  • In the Name box, type RET or something similar in front of the user's name. This step is not essential; however, it makes it easier to identify the person as a retired user.
  • In the User Type list, select Retired User.




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