Setting History Options for Mail Merge

The History Options tab lets you create a history item for the mail merge and schedule a follow-up activity.

To set History Options

  1. On the History Options tab, in the History area, do the following:
    1. To attach the correspondence to each record's Attachments tab, select Attach <e-mail/fax/letter>to each <Contact/Lead>.
      The merge file is attached to each lead or contact, account and opportunity depending on the Merge With option you selected in the Merge Options.
      For Infor CRM Web users, this option causes a warning message to display during the merge.
    2. To add an item to the history of the record, select Add history record for each <Contact/Lead>.
    3. In the Result box, click the ellipsis to select a result type from the list of available To Do Result Codes.
    4. In the Regarding box, click the ellipsis to select a regarding type from the list.
    5. In the Category box, click the ellipsis to select a category type from the list.
    6. In the Notes box, type notes or important items you want to include in the history.
  2. To schedule a follow- up activity, select Schedule a Follow-up and do the following:
    1. If you receive the activity confirmation message, click OK.
    2. In the list, select the type of follow-up activity.
    3. To have the notes carry over to the follow up activity, select Carry Over Notes.
    4. In the Start Time box, click the calendar button to select the date when the activity will occur.
    5. Do one of the following:
      • Select the Timeless check box to create an activity that occurs on a specific date, but at no specific time and without a specific duration.
      • Click the Duration drop-down arrow and select from the list.
    6. To set an activity alarm, select Reminder. Use the drop-down boxes to select the number of minutes, hours or days. You must enter an increment between 1 and 240.
    7. In the Regarding box, click the ellipsis to select a regarding type.
    8. In the Notes area, do one of the following:
      • Type notes in the box.
      • Click Notes to open a larger box for typing notes, type the notes, and then click OK.
    9. In the Priority box, select the importance of the activity.
    10. In the Category box, click the ellipsis to select a category type.
    11. In the Leader box, use Lookup to select an activity leader.
  3. When finished setting your Merge and History options, click Merge.

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