What is System of Record?

Infor CRM Back Office Extension only. The "system of record" is the authoritative data source for certain record types in an integration.

  • If your installation of Infor CRM is integrated with subscriber applications (such as Ming.le), you can choose to designate Infor CRM as the system of record.
  • If your implementation is integrated with a supported ERP system, the ERP is typically the system of record.

Caution: Do not combine system of record and subscribing on the same entity.

BODs (Business Object Documents) function differently, depending upon which system has been designated the system of record.

  • Sync BODs are sent from (published by) the system of record when data is modified or new data is defined. They are consumed by subscriber applications.
  • Process BODS are sent from (published by) the subscriber application to the system of record to request new data or to modify existing data. The system of record replies with an acknowledgment.
  • Acknowledge BODS specifying either success or failure of the request are sent by the system of record in response to receiving a Process BOD.

See the Infor ION Development Guide for technical information about BOD functionality.

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