What are Groups?

Groups are a collection of records. Groups can help you manage your workflow. You can use groups to work with a subset of records, select data to print on reports, and to send mailings, e-mails, and faxes using the Mail Merge feature. A record can be in more than one group. You can export group records to a file or share your groups with other users.

To view additional group tabs, click the arrows.

Your administrator may have set a limit on the number of groups that can display as tabs, or Favorites. If so, you will need to designate which groups you want to display as tabs and select the Favorite option.

Newly created groups are automatically marked as Favorites. Favorites display as tabs in alphabetical order up to the limit allowed. You can use the Groups list to manage your Favorites.

The three types of groups are:

To open a group

  • Do one of the following:
    • On the Groups menu, select the group you want to view.
    • Click the tab of the group you want to open. For example, All Accounts.

To view group conditions

  1. Right-click a group tab.
  2. Click Edit.
    The Infor CRM Query Builder opens.
  3. Use the Query Builder Conditions tab to view the conditions that records in the group must meet. This tab is not available for ad hoc groups.

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