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  • Infor CRM Quick Reference card provides commonly used buttons, e-mail configuration options, and tips for working with groups and Outlook Integration. The Infor CRM Quick Reference card is accessible from the Help menu.
  • The Infor CRM Implementation Guide  provides step-by-step instructions for installing Infor CRM. The Infor CRM Implementation Guide is available on the Infor CRM media.
  • The Administrator Help provides detailed instructions for managing user, teams, offices, Network bundles, and remotes. Some user management features are available in the Web Client, while full features and functionality are available in the Administrator.
  • The Infor CRM Mail Merge Help provides detailed information on the following: writing an e-mail message to a contact, writing an e-mail message, letter, or fax using a template, and using the Mail Merge engine to send correspondence to a group of contacts, accounts, etc. This help system also explains how to create and print address labels or envelopes, as well as, how to create, edit, and delete templates.
  • New in Infor CRM v8.3: Compatibility information for Infor CRM v8.3 is available in the Infor Online Compatibility Matrix (OCM).

    1) Sign in to the InforXtreme Portal web site:

    2) Expand the Environment menu, and then click Online Compatibility Matrix.

    Click Help for a video explaining the features of the OCM.

Help is available in each Infor CRM application. Additional resources and documentation are available to Partners and Customers with a valid technical support contract at



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