Numeric Control Properties

You can view and change the values for the following properties of this control:

Basic Property Description


The label to display on the form for this control.


The text that displays as a tooltip when the user's mouse hovers over the control.

Read Only

Does not allow edits on form.

Advanced Property Description
Format Type

Used to convert a numeric value to a string. Available options for the control are:

  • Number
  • Percent
  • Decimal
  • Scientific


Show or hide this control on the form.


Allows user to interact with this control.

Max Length

Maximum number of characters user can enter.


Requires a value when saving data.

Decimal Digits

The number of digits after the decimal to display and allow for data entry.

Default of -1 means use "No. of digits after decimal" specified in the user's language settings. Alternatively, type an integer ranging from 0 to 4. If you want to enter a number greater than 4, check in Application Architect to be sure the field to which the control is bound was defined with at least as many digits after the decimal.

When a user enters fewer digits than the precision specified, a Currency control or column fills in the digits with zeros. If you want a Numeric control or column to fill in the digits to the precision specified, set Strict=True.


Pads display of numbers with trailing zeros as necessary. For example, if Decimal Digits=4, Strict=True, and the numeric value is 2.3, the value displays as 2.3000.

Data Bindings

Defines where the data for the control comes from. This information is read-only in the Web Form Designer.

Control Id

Identifier for this control. This information is read-only in the Web Form Designer.

Control Type

Infor CRM control type. This information is read-only in the Web Form Designer.

Layout Property Description


Row number of the control.


Column number of the control.

Row Span

Number of cells the control occupies vertically.

Column Span

Number of cells the control occupies horizontally.



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