Using the SData Sync Configuration View

Use the SData Sync Configuration view to set up the feed used to synchronize Infor CRM with integrated systems.

To configure SData

  1. On the Web Host, stop the Infor CRM SData Sync Service (Service).
  2. On the Navigation Bar, click SData Sync Configuration.
  3. Set up the Saleslogix Feed by configuring the following boxes. The feed will automatically update as you enter the data.
    1. If your SData URL uses Secure Socket Layer, select the Use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) check box.
    2. In the Server box, type the name of the server for your SData URL.
    3. In the Port box, type the port number for your SData URL.
  4. In the User Name box, leave as "ADMIN" or type the user name for the Infor CRM database.

    Windows Authentication must be configured for the administrative user. For detailed steps, see the "Using Windows Authentication" topic in the Administrator Help.

  5. In the Password box, type the password for the user name.
  6. In the Display Name box, leave as "Infor CRM" or type the display name you want to represent the SData feed.
  7. Click the Test Link button and view the information in the Status box.
    If the feed did not test successfully, review the information boxes, make any changes, and test the link again.
  8. Click SaveClosed.

Detail view tabs

The lower section contains the SData Sync Configuration view tabs. Click a link to see more information about each tab.

Integrations Matching

user defined section

You can drag and drop tabs into the user defined middle section. The tab will remain there until it is moved back to the lower section.



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