What is Back Office Integration?

Infor CRM Back Office Extension (ICBOE) is a feature in the Infor CRM Web Client. When enabled, it uses the Infor ION framework to manage the flow of real-time data between Infor CRM and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

  • Infor CRM manages outward-facing front office sales and service activities.
  • ERP is the core framework that is used to manage inward-facing back office business operations, such as order management, service request management, production, distribution, and accounting.

Infor CRM and ERP systems are typically stand-alone systems that do not share data. Infor CRM users lose visibility of sales or service-related activities after an order is placed and processed in the back office.

Back Office Extension integrates Infor CRM with your ERP solutions using bi-directional master data. Master data is all data that is essential to business operations; and includes accounts (customers), contacts, and products. ICBOE also includes integration of transactional data for accounts (customers), quotes, sales orders, shipments, invoices, receivables, and return material authorizations (RMAs) to provide a complete view of the customer relationship to the sales agents.

When the Back Office Extension integration is configured in Infor CRM, you will have access to your organization’s financial, manufacturing, and distribution processes. You can view Back Office information in the Integrations Detail view, under the Back Offices

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