Using the Help System

The Help systems available with Infor CRM contain explanations of features and functionality, with links to related subjects.

  • Clicking a Help button opens an appropriate help topic.
  • Clicking blue links displays additional information by opening another topic.
  • Clicking a blue Closed link displays additional information.
  • The How Do I? and Related Topics sections that appear in many topics offer further information.
  • The Table of Contents enables you to find information grouped by function.
  • The Search enables you to find information by typing in a search term.
  • Use the Back button at the top of the Help window to return to the previous topic.
  • Click the Favorites tab to manage Help topics you use most often.

You may want to review the conventions used in this Help system.

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What's New in this Release


For a list of new features, see the What's New In This Release topic.

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