Using Mail Merge

You can use Mail Merge when you need to correspond with a group of contacts, accounts, opportunities, or leads. Mail Merge helps you simplify the process of sending the same information to numerous people by merging information into a template. You can merge to a file, send an e-mail, send a fax, or print the merged document.

  • If the Write menu is unavailable, you must download Infor CRM Office Integration. You can install Infor CRM Office Integration from the Web Client login screen

  • If the template you select for the merge has a Table of Contents that contains Word merge fields, the fields will not merge correctly. It is recommended that you use the Edit Individual <document> prior to sending feature and create the Table of Contents after the merge is complete.
  • When selecting an output option on the Merge Options tab, only available options appear in the selection. For example, if you have not configured an e-mail system, then E-mail will not appear as an available output option.

To use Mail Merge

  1.  Do one of the following:
    • On the Write menu, click Mail Merge.
    • From the Task Pane, on some detail views, click Mail Merge.
  2. In the Mail Merge dialog box select a template.
  3. Click the Merge Options tab to set the Merge Options.
  4. Click the History Options tab to set the History Options.
  5. If you selected Printer as the output option on the Merge Options tab and are printing address labels, ensure the printer has paper and labels loaded.
  6. Click Merge.
  7. If you selected Edit template for all records in the Merge Options, in the editor dialog box, complete the edits to the template, then click Save and Close.
  8. If the template requires an address selection or the record has more than one address, select an address on the Select Type of Address dialog box.
  9. If you selected Edit individual <document> prior to sending in the Merge Options, use the Edit Merged Documents dialog box to select an item and complete the edits. When finished making edits, click Done.
  10. If you receive a message that an approximate number of merges will fail, choose to Continue or Cancel the merge. If you choose to continue, when the merge finishes, an error message appears asking if you would like to view the Mail Merge Issue group. If you click Yes, the Mail Merge Issues group opens. If you click No, the dialog box closes, and you are returned to the view you were on when you initiated Mail Merge.

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