Setting Infor CRM Connector Send to CRM/Record to History Options

Use the Send to CRM/Record to History to set e-mail history and attachment options.

  • This tab is required for Outlook Integration only.
  • These options may already be configured for Web Client users who set their options in the Desktop Manager.

To set options

  1. Click the Infor CRM Options button and click Send to CRM/Record to History.
  2. Select when you want to be prompted when logging an Outlookk e-mail as an Infor CRM history record.
    1. Prompt for Duplicate Contacts - Prompts you when a duplicate contact or lead is detected.
    2. Prompt for Contacts - Prompts you to select which contacts or leads the history item should be associated with.
    3. Prompt for Unresolved Contacts - Prompts you when a contact or lead is not found in the database.
    4. Display History Details before saving - Prompts you with the Complete E-mail dialog box before an e-mail message is recorded to history.
    5. Display Tray Notifications - Displays pop-up messages that describe Desktop Manager activities as they occur.
  3. Set attachment options.
    1. Select the Minimum image attachment size to ignore.
      Use this option to ignore small file attachments, such as e-mail signatures, so that they are not saved as an Infor CRM attachment.
    2. In the Ignore attachments with these file names box, list the file extensions or any file types that should not be saved as Infor CRM attachments.
  4. Click OK if you are finished setting all of your options, or select another options tab.

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