What Are Contacts?

Contacts are key people associated with . A contact can only belong to one account, however, a contact may be associated with multiple opportunities. Your access to contact information is determined by your access rights to that contact's account. You always have access to your personal contacts.

You can use the Contact Detail view to work with and record in-depth information about a single contact, or the Contact List view to work with contacts in a spreadsheet-type format. You can create groups based on specific sets of conditions, or by individually choosing contacts.

When working with contacts, you may want to schedule activities, or run processes to help you work with and manage your contacts as efficiently as possible.

If your company uses a contact integration, you can share your Infor CRMcontacts with supported integrations like Microsoft Outlook.

How Do I?

Add a Contact

Edit a Contact

Delete a Contact

Move a Contact

Add a Contact

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