Finding Records

You can find a record by choosing criteria from a pick list and entering text.

Your workspace may be different depending on your access rights or if your installation has been customized.

To find records

  1. In the Lookup by boxes, select your search conditions from the drop-down lists and type your search criteria.
  2. To add another search criteria, click the Add ConditionClosed button and repeat steps 1 and 2 for each search criteria you add.
  3. When you have entered your search requirements, click Search.
    The records that match your criteria will display below.
  4. Select the record or records you were searching for and, click Add Selected or OK.

    Some lookups allow you to select multiple records.

All searches are run on the records you can access. Depending on the options chosen by your administrator, you may also be able to find records based on the group to which it belongs.

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