Selecting Infor CRM Contacts to Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook

By adding contacts to your contact sync group any changes you make to those contacts are synchronized between Infor CRM and Microsoft Outlook, based on your sync settings. By removing contacts from the contact sync group, you will stop synchronizing the contact and delete the contact from Microsoft Outlook. For more information about specific scenarios, see Contact Synchronization scenarios.

You must first create your contact sync group and configure your integrated application for contact sync.

To add contacts

  1. Open the Contacts List view.
  2. Select one or more records by pressing the Ctrl or Shift key as you click each item.
  3. Right-click in the List view grid and select Add to an existing Group or from the Task Pane, select Add to Group, and point to your contact sync group.

To remove contacts

  1. In the Contacts List view, open your contact sync group.
  2. Find the contacts you want to remove.
  3. Right-click in the List view grid and select Remove from Group.

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