Global Join Manager

System Administrator Only

  • Use extreme care when creating global joins, as it is possible to create a global join that can cause system performance problems.
  • By default, the ADDRESS table is joined to the ACCOUNT table via an Inner join. Do not change the properties of this join.

The Global Join Manager displays all global joins in your Infor CRM database, and permits the system administrator or administrative user to add, edit, and delete global joins as necessary. A global join is permanent and exists from session to session in the Query Builder data tree structure.

Infor CRM contains a series of predefined global joins (called system joins), which cannot be deleted. Anyone can use these predefined global joins by selecting a field in the Query Builder and clicking the Global Join button. If a predefined join exists for this field, the option to view it displays in the shortcut menu as "Global Join To" with a table name specified.

The Global Join Manager is only available if you are logged in as an administrator.

How Do I?

Add a Global Join

Edit a Global Join

Delete a Global Join

Show a Global Join

The Global Join Manager displays the following fields:

Field Description
Sys A system join that cannot be deleted.
1:1 Indicates a one-to-one relationship.
Parent Table, Parent Field The main table and field in the join relationship.
Child Table, Child Field The table and field joined to the Parent Table and Parent Field.
Type The type of join, such as Inner, Left, or Right.
Cascade How records are deleted through the join.
Visibility How the join displays in Query Builder.

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