What Are Activities and Events?

Activities include placing phone calls, attending meetings and completing to-dos such as sending correspondence or preparing presentations. Activities are generally scheduled for a specific time. Timeless activities are scheduled to occur on a selected day, but at no particular time. When you schedule an activity, it displays on the Calendar and Activities view, and in the Activities tabs on some detail views. Completed activities become history items.

When you schedule a timeless activity, you can set the activity to automatically roll over to the next day once it is past due. If you have more than 20 rollover activities, a progress bar may display when you log in.

Events include trade shows, business trips, conferencesInfor CRM Client or other occasions that often span several days. When you schedule an event, it displays above the timeline on your Calendar view and in the Events tab on the Activities view.

The Infor CRM Web Client contains an Alerts feature that alerts you to triggered alarms and new activities that you have yet to confirm. Several activity types are available to accommodate your work requirements. For instance, you can create general activities, recurring activities and more. In general, you can edit, delete or complete activities and events that you create.

If you have Modify access to another user's calendar, you can view, edit, complete, or delete any activity on that user's calendar. If other users have Modify access to your calendar, they can view, edit, complete, or delete any activity on your calendar. Calendar access is controlled by your administrator.

Your security access determines what functions are available. Contact your administrator for any access rights changes. WebViewer users may not access full functionality.

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