Viewing Contacts or Accounts on a Contour Map

Your security access determines what functions are available. Contact your administrator for any access rights changes. WebViewer users may not access full functionality.

You can view one or more contacts or accounts on a Contour map. From the map you can also add a temporary place to the map and get driving instructions. The map provider is determined by your administrator.

  • You must allow pop-ups before you can view a Contour map.
  • Each map provider has a limit of the number of records or places that can display on the map.
    • Google Maps - 10 records or places
    • Bing Maps - 25 records or places

How Do I?

If an address cannot be located on a map, then the map pin will be red and located as close to the location as can be determined. For example, in the middle of a postal code, city, state or country. If none of that information can be determined, then the pin will appear on the map at the longitude and latitude point 0,0.

Click the red pin to see details about why the address could not be located on the map.

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