Adding a User

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

Before you add one or more users, review A New Employee Needs Access to Infor CRM and complete the first four check boxes. 

You cannot add Infor CRM administrators (the user with the user name “admin").

To add

  1. On the Administration menu, click Add Users.
  2. In the Add box, select the type of user you want to add.
  3. Click Refresh Licenses to update the available license count.
  4. In the Quantity box, select the number of users you want to add.

The number of users available for that license type displays next to the Quantity box.

  1. If you want to manually modify each tab in the user's profile to configure the settings, proceed to Step 8.
  2. To create the user from a template or using the profile of an existing user, select the Create Profile From check box. Then, select one of the following:

    If the template or user is not assigned to the Standard User role, any new users created from the profile will not have access to some Web Client features.

  • Template adds a user based on an existing template user. In the Templates box, select the name of the template user.
  • Existing User adds a new user based on an existing user’s profile. In the User box, select the name of the existing user.
  1. Select the tabs to copy from the template or user profile. Tell me more...Closed
  • General - General and department settings are copied. The Username, Name, Title, and E-Mail fields do not apply when copying information.
  • Employee - The Fax, Mobile, Pager, Direct, PIN#, Accounting, and all Personal fields do not apply when copying information.
  • Security - All security settings are copied.
  • Teams - All teams settings are copied.
  • Calendar - All calendar settings are copied.
  • Service/Support - All service and support settings are copied.
  • Client Options (Client System) - The default account owner and base template settings are copied.
  1. Click OK.

When you add a new user, a site code is automatically assigned to the individual.

  1. Once the new user is created, use the User Detail view to modify the user's profile.

    You will need to provide the username and password to new users. If you do not want to share the default password, change the password to a generic password and instruct users to change their password the first time they log in to Infor CRM.

  2. Click SaveClosed.

If you are integrated with Infor Ming.le, you must add the user to Infor Ming.le.

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