Setting Follow-up Activity Date and Time

When using Infor CRM Mail Merge, on the History Options tab, you can schedule a follow-up activity. The activity requires a date and you can specify a time and duration.

To select a date

  1. In the Activity Times area, double-click in the Date box, or click the calendar button.
    The current month calendar view with today's date highlighted in blue appears. If needed, use the left and right arrows to change the month and year.
  2. To select a date, do one of the following:
    • Position the pointer on a date and double-click.
    • Position the pointer on a date and click, and then click OK.

The selected date appears in the Date box.

To specify a time and duration

  1. In the Timeless box, if it is selected, click to remove the check.
    This makes the Time boxes active.
  2. In the Time box, double-click to open the Specify Time and Duration dialog box.
  3. Position the pointer at the activity start time and click to select.
    The duration will show in 15 minute increments.
  4. To change the duration, position the pointer at the activity start time, click, hold and then drag the cursor. Release the mouse button when the correct duration is shown.
  5. Click OK to save the time and duration.



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