Adding a Lead

Use the Insert Lead dialog box to add a new lead to the Infor CRM Web Client.

To add

  1. On the New menu, click Lead.
  2. Click the Name EditClosed button.
    The Edit Name dialog box opens.
  3. Complete the remaining lead information boxes.
  4. Click Look for Matching Records to search the database for leads, contacts and accounts that have matching information.

    1. If there are no potential matches, click OK to close the dialog box and continue entering lead information.
    2. If there are potential matches, the Search for Duplicates dialog box opens.
    3. If you want to have the system search for potential matches in the future without having to click the Look for Matching records button, select the Automatically search after Phone is filled in check box.
    4. The Matching Leads dialog box appears. If a matching record displays in this dialog box, you can open the matching record to see if the lead, contact, or account is the same as the lead you are entering.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • To save the lead and close the view, click SaveClosed.
    • To save the lead, and then enter a new lead, click Save & NewClosed.

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