Adding Team Members

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

You can add users, departments, or another team to a team. You can add team members one member at a time or in a group. When you add a user to a team, you can automatically include the user's immediate manager. However, there is no further inheritance (for example, the manager's manager). Tell me more about team security...

How Do I?

Add a team member using the Team Detail viewClosed

  1. In the Team Detail view, click the Members tab.
  2. Select the Automatically add user's manager to team check box if you want to add the user's manager to the team when you add a new team member.
  3. Click AddClosed.
  4. Use the Lookup to find and select the team member you want to add.
  5. If necessary, modify the security rights of any new user added to the team.
  6. Click SaveClosed.

Add multiple team members using a List viewClosed

  1. Open the Users, Teams, or Departments List view.
  2. Select the team members you want to add.
  3. In the User Tasks pane, click Add to Team.
  4. In the Team box, use the Lookup to find and select the team to which you want to add the selected members.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If necessary, modify the security rights of any new team member.

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