Infor CPQ Overview

Infor Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a visual, rules-based configurator software that integrates with Infor CRM to accelerate product configuration, pricing, and quoting. It captures your engineering and pricing knowledge to enable your sales reps and/or dealers to quickly become product experts.

When you enable Infor CRM to integrate with CPQ, and configure groups of product components, and set CPQ details for individual products, your users can create price quotes using a list of available options that is automatically filtered to only display valid option configurations.

During the configuration process, your sales people can reference a dynamically-generated, as-configured drawing of the product based on selected options. this enables a quick, visual validation of the overall configuration where it is easy to identify issues with the selected options.

How do I?

Enable CPQ

Create Configuration Groups

Use Infor CPQ

View or edit product CPQ details



What's New in this Release


For a list of new features, see the What's New In This Release topic.

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