Running a Report

Reports enable you to view information about contacts, accounts, opportunities, tickets, and other related data.

To run a report

  1. On the Navigation Bar, click Reports.
  2. In the Report list view, Reports tab, select a report, right-click, and then click one of the following:
    • Delete: Removes the selected report from your list.
    • Run: Select this option for reports you want to run only once, or reports you require immediately.
    • Schedule: Select this option to set up a day, date, and time to run a report and a recurrence. Use this option for reports that need to run regularly, or for large reports that you want to run at off-peak times.
  3. Make your selections using the Report Job Scheduler Wizard, and then click Finish.
  4. When the progress message box appears, do one of the following:
    • Wait for the job to complete and open your report from the link that displays.
    • Click Close to dismiss the box. The report continues to process in the background. When the report is available, a job notification alert appears in the menu bar. You can either view the report from the Job Notifications box or from the Reports History tab.

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