Setting Alerts Options

Use the Alerts tab to set defaults to determine how you will be alerted for alarms and new unconfirmed activities.

To set alerts options

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Click the Alerts tab.
  3. Select Display in toolbar if you want Alerts to appear in your toolbar

    If you do not select this option, then the remaining check boxes will be unavailable and you will not be notified of your Alerts.

  4. Select Prompt if you want the Alerts dialog box to display when you have new alerts.
  5. Next to Include, select the information you want to include in your Alerts. If you selected Prompt, this is the information that will cause the Alerts dialog box to open:

    If you do not select any options, and you selected to display or prompt for Alarms, then your Alerts will be empty and will not prompt.

    • Select Alarms if you want your alarms to display in your Alerts.
    • Select Unconfirmed Activities if you want your unconfirmed activities to display in your Alerts.
  6. Click the Default Snooze drop-down arrow and select from the list to set the default amount of time to postpone an activity alarm. You can still change the snooze time from the Snooze list before you snooze your alarms.
  7. Click SaveClosed.
    You must click Save on each tab or your option selections will not be saved.



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