Assumptions and Conventions

This online guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of your browser (for example, using a search engine or entering a URL) and fundamental operating system concepts (for example, clicking and dragging, file navigation, and so on). If you are unfamiliar with these concepts, see the Help files available for your browser.



A few text conventions are used throughout this Help system:

  • Menu bar refers to the menu bar within the browser window, unless your browser menu bar is specifically indicated.
  • Navigation Bar refers to the browser frame on the left section of the window, containing buttons for contacts, account, opportunities, What's New, and other functions.
  • "Press the [Enter] key" is used to refer to all situations in which you would press either [Enter] or [Return]. Do not press the [Enter] or [Return] key while in a field. If you do, you will receive an error. You must use the [Tab] key while in a field to "Tab" over.
  • Information in a Note typically denotes important information or the solution to a possible problem.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all information applies to the Infor CRM Web Client and WebViewer.

Important information is indicated by a note.

This icon appears at the beginning of Help topics for features that must be performed by the System Administrator.

This icon appears at the beginning of Help topics that apply only to Remote users.

This icon appears at the beginning of Help topics for features that require specific licenses.


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