What are Reports?

The Reports List view provides a list of pre-defined sample reports to enable you to view and analyze information in the Infor CRM database. You can run reports related to Main views such as Contact, Account, Opportunity and so on. If you prefer, you can modify the report to accommodate your business needs. The specific reports available to you are determined by your system administrator.

Infor CRM Web Reporting enables you to:

  • Select from a list reports. You may apply filters to narrow the results
  • Schedule a report to run at a later time once or on a schedule
  • See a list of reports and the times they are scheduled to run.
  • View, print, and store reports.

To open the Reports view

  • On the Navigation Bar, click Reports.

To run Web reports in a disconnected state, the Offline Web Client must run on Window 2003 Server with IIS. The Infor CRM Web Client Reporting Server must also be installed and configured. If these requirements are not met, disconnected Web Client users can only run Web Reporting if they have a connection to the Host Web Reporting Server. These users will see reports that represent data from the host database and not their remote database.

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