What is Infor Ming.le?

Infor Ming.le is an application framework that provides a common user interface for integrated Infor applications. The Infor Ming.le interface includes a top navigation panel with an application panel to activate the display of Infor applications.

Infor Ming.le provides drill-back capability among Infor applications so that users can navigate from one application to another to track transactions, the transfer of data, and report updates. Additionally, Infor Ming.le provides an infrastructure for sharing content among the different context applications.

If your company has configured Infor Ming.le, then when you sign in to Ming.le, you are also able to access Infor CRM without having to sign in to Infor CRM separately.

For more information about Infor Ming.le, see the Infor Ming.le online help available from https://docs.infor.com/mingle/

Signing in to Infor Ming.le using the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) may display a message that the current browser configuration is not supported. If this message displays, then the website must be added to the browser's Compatibility View Settings with the option to display intranet sites in Compatibility View selected.

How Do I?

Share a record with Infor Ming.le

Share a note with Infor Ming.le

Open a shared record or note from within Ming.le

Bookmark a record or view in Infor Ming.le

Add Dashboard widgets to show in Infor Ming.le



What's New in this Release


For a list of new features, see the What's New In This Release topic.

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