Using the Outbound Transactions Detail View

Infor CRM Back Office Extension only. Use the Detail view to see information for a selected record.

The Outbound Transactions detail view displays newly promoted or updated Infor CRM records waiting to be processed by the outbound Job Service. Once the files are processed, they are no longer available from this view.

Outbound transactions that are available for an extended period of time may indicate a problem with the Job Service.

The system administrator and users with the appropriate role can access these features.

How Do I?

Use the Lookup to search for records

View a group

information boxes

The information boxes contain the primary information about the outbound transaction. This information is for display only and must be added or edited in the integrated application. For specific questions please refer to the documentation for the integrated application or contact your administrator.

Box Description
SYS BOE Outbound Txn Id

The unique Infor CRM outbound transaction ID.


The status of the transaction. Possible statuses include:

  • 0 - Pending
  • 1 - Success
  • 9 - Error
Entity Status

The status of the entity in the integrated back office application.

Sync History

Links to the sync history record of the transaction.

Entity Unique Id

The unique ID of the entity in the integrated back office application.

Retry Count

The number of attempts to send the outbound transaction.

Error Message

Reason that the outbound transaction could not be received by the integrated back office application.

Entity Name

The record type in the integrated back office application.

Entity Id

The ID of the entity in Infor CRM.

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